Bitcoin As Currency?

One of the really cool things about bitcoins is that they’re actually being used as currency.

Bitcoin Exchanges

As with other currencies, there are quite a few Bitcoin exchanges online. These are servers that allow people to list bitcoins for sale as well as allowing them to purchase them from other people around the world. Also like other physical currencies, the value of one BTC changes on a daily basis. At first they were only worth a few dollars, but they’re currently trading for hundreds of US dollars.

Bitcoin in the Physical World

Each bitcoin you own is tied to a number or key. This has led some people to create physical bitcoins, stamped with the private key. These are basically just collectibles as it’s currently impossible to take physical bitcoins into a business to use them as currency for transactions. Still, many people have physical coins for all the virtual bitcoins they own. They’re typically made out of metal, but some have been made out of wood and other materials.

Bitcoin eBook

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