If you’re familiar with the stock market at all, you know financial analysts and investors use a variety of charts to understand what the market is doing at any point in time. This – along with real time stock tickers – allows traders and others to make wiser decisions about where to invest money depending on whether or not the market will go up or down in value.

Online BTC Market Charts

Here’s a look at some of the major online services that offer a detailed look at various BTC markets online, including MtGox and others. It’s important to note that different Bitcoin Exchanges will have different values for a single BTC. The true value of bitcoins is what other people are willing to pay for them.

Cryptochart – This website is really nice because it allows you to check values on different markets all in one place. The user interface could use some work, but it’s a free service for Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors.

Bitcoin Charts  – For a constantly updated look of several markets for BTC, this is the place to go. They make it easily to see everything on one screen without having to click anything.

RTBTC – This site gives you an in depth look at the MtGox BTC market, including charts that update automatically. RTBTC is an online Bitcoin trading platform, but they offer their charts for free.

Bitcoinity – Bitcoinity recently started using mBTC to show current BTC market prices. In case you didn’t know. 1,000 mBTC = 1 BTC.

Bitcoin Ticker – While the generic name of this service leaves a lot to be desired, they have all the information you need to know about BTC prices on various markets all in one place. They even make it easy to switch between USD and other currencies, making it a great live BTC ticker for people around the world.

Coinbase Charts – If you’re a member of the Coinbase website, you’re probably familiar with this page. They only track prices on their particular BTC exchange. Additionally, it should be noted that they do NOT have a lot of bells and whistles.

BitcoinWisdom – This is a very slick online BTC chart / ticker that updates automatically. You have a lot of choices, like which market to track and which currency to use. This is one of the more advanced BTC charts and will look familiar for those who trade in the stock market.

Bitcoin Charts for iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, here are some great iOS compatible charts for your smartphone or mobile device.

Coin Ticker – This is a free app that tracks bitcoin market prices easily and without a lot of fuss. It’s a great way to quickly get a look at the BTC markets around the world.

Coinbits  – If you’re wanting to track BTC prices on different markets, this is another free app for the iPhone and iPad that’s easy to install and very useful.

Which is Right for You?

Looking at the lists above, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of different choices if you want informative and accurate charts of BTC prices on various markets. The best idea is to find one with an interface you find easy to use and stick with that one. Try a few out until you find the one you’re most comfortable using.

Bitcoin Basics eBook

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