LTC Configurations

If you’re wanting to mine LTC rather than BTC, you’re still going to want to make sure you have your software optimized for your particular hardware. This will give you the best chance of being able to mine LTC successfully. Be sure to check out our page on Bitcoin alternatives to learn more about LiteCoin.

Finding Good LTC Configurations

As mentioned on our page about BTC configurations, the exact configuration settings you’ll want to use will vary depending on the Bitcoin mining software you’re using as well as the hardware of your computer system. The good news is that there are a lot of forums and websites that will give you the specifics for a wide variety of computer setups. You’ll need to tweak settings, but most LTC mining software is going to let you know if you’re operating at peak efficiency or not.

Here’s a look at some typical setups with some of the hardware you’re going to want to include.


The Bitcoin eBook

If you want to learn more about the start of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you should download our eBook about Bitcoin. We’ve put together a great source full of information about Bitcoin, including how it was started, how it grew, and how you can mine or trade bitcoins for profit.